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Historical Harps with Gut Strings

Spanish Arpa de dos Ordenes

Double row chromatic harp by Pere Elias, with strings traditionally cross strung.
The sound is realy excelsic and reminds a bit of lute.

A very light weighing Instrument (6-7 kg).
Tonal range C-c3 (Height about 165 cm)

Materials: american cherry as shown,
Traditional: Walnut, american black nut

C-harp, strung with gut starting at € 6680,--

The Hieronimus-Bosch-Harp

The harp may be either fashioned following each and every detail of the rendering by Hieronimus Bosch or be sculpted in a simpler way to be less costly.

Small: 23 strings ranging from c to d3
Large: 26 strings ranging from G to d3
Buzzing hooks with adjustment key
Height: small 36,5", large 43"
Weight: small 3,0 kg, large 3,5 kg

Prices for the detailed model:
small € 630,--
large € 2900,--

Prices for the simpler model:
small € 2450,--
large € 2720,--
incl. 19% VAT

Simpler Model of Bosch harp

Harp in Bosch Style ^

This Harp technically is a compromise between historical and economical way of construction. The soundboard is fashioned the historical way out one piece of tonewood, carved and arched to serve for an authentic sound.
The side- and end pieces are taken from the same log of wood and glued together in a way that the fibre of the wood is matching. Thats why the way of construction is only visible at a closer glance, and the sound is not hampered in any way.

27 strings ranging from F to d3
Buzzing hooks with adjustment key
Height 40"
Weight 4 kg

Price: starting at € 2630,--
in checkerd maple €2900,--
incl. 19% VAT

bigger picture

Gothic Harp "Oliver"

The idea for this harp came in a peculiar way: After making a Dopia (a double harp with two rows of strings chromaticaly tuned), I was very impressed, that the corpus build in semihistorical way with vertical strained soundboard was coping with the tension of so many strings. The wish of the harper Oliver from Hamburg to own a light harp and my enthusiasm let me develope a plan i.e. a backbreeding (similar to the gallowy buff backbreeding), in which the tension of the Dopia equipped with 45 strings is distributed over only 28 diatonic strings of a simple harp. The result was this already two times built relativly large renaissance harp in gothic stile - and now it comes -, whichs pitch copes with "modern" irish harps, but retains its typical gothic sound.

Woods: Wild cherry (Abb.), maple, walnut

Höhe 51 1/2"

27 strings, gut, ambitus F-d3

Levers depicted optional

Price starting at € 2900,-- depending on wood and levers

left: Arpa Dopia

Double row chromatic harp after an italian renaissance harp. In the middle string range the harp is strung tripel, in the photo over 1,5 octaves, but historically smaller (0,5 octaves).

F-d/e3 (height ca 150 cm) or
C-d/e3 (height ca 180cm)

Wood: Mapple (as shown), cherry, walnut, black nut,
for quilted maple additional cost of € 270

F harp starting at € 5690,--
C harp starting at € 6590,--

Wartburg-Harp historical construction
plain wood starting at € 2630,--
checkered maple starting at € 2900,--

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